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    Robert Houlston

    Master of Chiropraktik

    Chiropractic is for me a way to improve lives, to optimize the body and prevent injuries. If your body works better, you feel happier, more alert and healthier.

    I understand the need for optimal functioning of the nervous system to ensure good performance in sports, work and in daily life.

    I have experience in treating all people from international level athletes, children and pregnant women. My goal is to make chiropractic fun and give you the best service I can so you too can feel good whatever stage of life you’re at.

  • Vita
    born in Birmingham, England
    Sports Massage Certificate, Basic First Aid certificate, 1st Dan Taekwondo
    National diploma sports science, United Kingdom
    Royal Marine Commandos, United Kingdom
    Chiropractic studies at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, Treforest, South Wales
    Master of Chiropractic
    Seit 2010
    ongoing training in the “Sacro Occipital Technique”
    Chiropractic Bad Soden, Deutschland
    Leb Chiropractic, Wiesbaden, Deutschland
    Wiesbaden Chiropractic Clinic
    Bund Deutscher Chiropraktik
    Chiropractic Lecturer - Chiropraktik Akademie (Bad Oeynhausen), Dresden International University

Christoph Geyer


Sebastian Schäfer

Sport therapist

The Myomechanics principle

The Myomechanics principle combines existing concepts and ideas in an effective system. In our treatments, we use techniques that we have learned and tested at 40+ seminars across Europe.

Our focus is on functional anatomy, posture and movements - not on symptoms. Through the assessment, we know where the greatest potential lies and start solving the problems.

For athletes.
Just as you change yourself as an athlete, so does your body change. We prepare you for new challenges so you can get your best performance every day. Our mission is simple and clear.

From athletes.
Together, we look back on seven German championship titles and competitive experience in weightlifting, martial arts, bodybuilding and strongman. Our background is sport, we speak your language and know what drives you forward.

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