• What is Chiropractic?

    What is Chiropractic?

    Chiropractic is a health profession concerned with the prevention, diagnoses and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and health in general. There is an emphasis on manual treatments including spinal and extremity manipulation or adjustment.

    Today chiropractic is the third biggest health profession worldwide after dental and general medicine and is positioned between neurology, orthopedics and internal medicine. it is 4-6 years long university course and a year internship, concluding with the Master of chiropractic (MChiro, MscChiro) or the doctor of chiropractic (D.C.).

    Chiropractic supports the natural healing abilities of the human body and emphasizes the conservative treatment of the musculoskeletal system, without the use of prescription medicine or surgery.

    The term " chiropractic" comes from ancient Greek meaning " by hand " . Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by Daniel Palmer in Davenport, Iowa (USA). Today, chiropractic along with dentistry and general medicine is the third largest occupation within the health sector and is located between neurology , orthopedics and medicine . The training of the chiropractor includes a four -to six- year university degree and a year of internship and results in a Master of Chiropractic ( MChiro , MscChiro ) or doctor of chiropractic ( DrC ) .

    Since there is no universally accepted training in Germany , the number of chiropractors amounts to less than one hundred , all of which have studied abroad . Other titles such as Chiropraktiker or chirotherapie are often used in manual therapy by health practitioners and general practitioners , after a not very extensive training. Unfortunately, there is no legal basis for the title of the chiropractor , so many other therapists use the title. Do inform yourself exactly what kind of training the chiropractor of your choice has completed.

  • What are Subluxations?

    What are Subluxations?

    subluxations are when the alignment of a vertebrae or pelvis is not optimal or there is reduced mobility between the vertebrae which can put pressure the meninges (surrounding the brain, nerves and spinal cord), which leads to irritation and affects the function and performance of  the central nervous system and peripheral nerves.
    The nervous system controls all aspects of the body, it is important that this functions as well as it can.
    The nervous system is made up of different parts,

    • sensory (for example to see, hear and feel)
    • motor (muscles, movement)
    • visceral ( organs)
    • the immune system ( to heal)

    a subluxation can effect one or all of the above and you wont always feel it depending on what part of the nerve is affected.

    Subluxations can be caused by physical (eg, poor posture, accidents, sport), chemical (eg, smoking, chemicals in food and cosmetics) and mental-emotional causes (eg stress, overwork, grief)

    The body tries to deal with these stressors by adapting, but it can only adapt so much. When you cant adapt anymore these subluxations occur. When you have these stressors and the body fails to adapt this can cause an instability with the pelvis and spine causing and making other subluxations in different areas. When this happens the pelvis and spine can become more easily injured.

  • What symptoms are possible?

    What symptoms are possible?

    Because the body has the ability to compensate, sometimes none or only a few  symptoms are felt (sometimes for years), sometimes symptoms are felt in another part of the body due to the compensation. Depending on what part of the nervous system is affected, a variety of symptoms are possible either from the spine itself or from the smaller nerves.
    for example:

    • Back pain
    • Neck pain
    • Joint pain
    • Blockade
    • Illiosacral pain
    • tiredness
    • Migranes
    • Headaches
    • Bowel disturbances
    • Reduced immune system
    • Mucsle aches
    • Numbness
    • tingling
    • herniated disc
    • carpal tunnel
    • und many more…
  • The Adjustment


    The correction of subluxation is called an “Adjustment”(old English to adjust – to harmonize) can be performed in different ways and is used to correct the nerve impulse. Correction is in the specific application of a fast, light impulse (mobilization) to the spine and/ or joints. We also use cranial work intergrated into the treatment, when needed we can also work with the muscles, reflex points, massage and address rehabilitation. We use mainly our hands but also use tools such as wedges, the Activator and home exercises.

    The term einrenkun is often used, and gives a false impression of what chiropractor does. we have trained specifically for years to deliver an adjustment, that is light and specific, used only where the body needs it. It is very safe when delivered by a professional.

    Who can be adjusted?

    everyone can be adjusted, from children to the eldery using different techniques, we tailor your adjustments to you.

    Many professional athletes have a chiropractor, if you play sports it is a good idea to be checked, an optimal nervous system can improve your Performance, reduce injuries and helping to treat any existing ones.

    Chiropractic can help many conditions as a sole or accompanying treatment, because it improves the nervous system and thus the healing nature of the body. A full list of conditions helped by chiropractic has been shown to have an effect on with various research and case studies can be found in the clinic.
    Chiropractic is also ideal for prevention whether you have an old problem or a new one, stopping it before it gets worse and making sure it doesn’t affect your life

    If you would like further information or to book an appointment, visit the website, telephone the clinic or send us an email.